April 5th Meeting

The PST met together to continue to search through resumes and sample sermons to determine God’s choice for Living Hope’s new pastor. Don opened in prayer, asking God to not let us trust in our own knowledge, but to continue to pursue the Lord as we go through this process.

The team discussed the workload from last week – reviewing 40+ more resumes and trying to listen to sermons from those candidates who were moved to the next phase from the prior week. Only a few of us were able to complete everything. So, the team spent some time reevaluating how best to review candidates. The team will continue to review diligently the resumes and sermons with the goal to identify only those candidates who meet our qualifications that we’ve identified for the next pastor.

After reviewing the 16 candidates that were promoted to the next phase from the previous week, the team decided to eliminate 7 from that list. From the 40+ resumes reviewed from this week, the team decided to request more information from 2 of those candidates.

The team discussed how we might conduct our first phase of interviews – skype vs telephone, how to interact, and what we need to do to prepare for that. We decided we can do some things up front to make that process more efficient and effective, including preparing short bios about ourselves to distribute to the interviewees prior to our interviews so they can know a little about us.

Jon closed us in prayer.