December 4th Meeting Update

The PST spent a lot of time discussing how, when, and what to communicate to our church body. There were two things we primarily focused on – a proposed website, and planning for a church wide round table-style discussion.

Katie shared the work done for the PST website. It included a summary of each of our meetings, a list of the PST members, a tab for Applicants, Prayer points, and an FAQ section. The team was well-pleased with all of the work and agreed it was going to be a great tool for communicating with the church body!

The PST explored the idea of hosting a round table for the church body. We believe this might be a great way to survey the church body on things we should focus on in our pastor search. We want to make sure that our members have the opportunity to approach the event prayerfully and scripturally. So, it was suggested to provide a church devotional before the event where the Scripture is focused on the characteristics of a pastor/elder.  There is the possibility that we could then supplement that with an email survey a few days later to provide some thought provoking questions so the church will be best prepared to help during the round table. The PST discussed the timing of this event and decided to pray regarding this and try to set a timeline for it at our next meeting.