February 8th Meeting

Don opened the meeting with prayer.

George was unable to attend the meeting as he is still recovering from the flu. Don will work to reschedule that meeting.

The PST discussed the Monday church prayer meeting. There was much encouragement from the Lord as we saw Him work with us to begin to communicate directly with the body as we continue our search for a new pastor. We want to continue to pray for our body as we go through this transition phase.

Don read from Titus 1:5-9 as the team began to review the drafted job description. We have a great start on what we would like. Howard Tipton has reviewed from a staff perspective and Bill Edison has reviewed from a Personnel team perspective and both shared we are on the right track. There was much discussion regarding required traits and desired traits, especially in the areas of education and experience. Job duties are lined out well, we just need to make it a little more specific to Living Hope. Trouper will redraft for the next meeting.

The PST discussed transitioning to the search phase of the process. We are excited for the Round table discussion to complete our thoughts on the church profile and job description. The team decided to meet on Sunday February 18, the day after the RT discussion to begin to finalize the pre-search phase, in an effort to launch our search on March 1. If we do not have everything accomplished, we will work towards launching on March 8. PST members will begin making contacts to determine the best avenues to get the word out that we are looking for a pastor.

Moses closed in prayer.