January 4th Meeting Update

After spending time reading through Ephesians 3:14-20, the PST spent time in prayer asking for the Lord’s strength and power. The PST focused a lot of its time on our own responses to the Pastor Search Survey, analyzing where we believe the church is at. There was a lot of commonality in why we were members of LHBC, including the community and fellowship, and the teaching of God’s Word. We enjoyed hearing each other’s background of church membership and how we ended up as members of LHBC. We spent some time discussing areas of improvement for our church, including evangelism and transitioning attenders to participating members. We discussed our individual preferences on qualities we might look for in a pastor. There was a lot of agreement on finding someone who can teach the Word of God clearly and bring application to our daily lives. We also seem to be leaning towards one who can discern the spiritual needs of the congregation and provide proper guidance and shepherding. There were a few responses that we need a pastor who can cast vision for the church.

The PST then spent some more time discussing how to engage the congregation in this pre-search process. Trouper discussed his last meeting with the church staff. We need more prayer and guidance as we determine the next steps.