Position Title: Senior Pastor

Reports to: Church Administrative Team (CAT)

Supervisor to: All Ministerial and Support Staff

Principal Function: The Senior Pastor is to be the spiritual leader of Living Hope Baptist Church, leading it to function as a New Testament church. The pastor is to be a man of:

  1. Truth, leading the body to honor and adhere to God’s Word;
  2. Compassion, meeting people where they are and lovingly turning them towards God;
  3. Vision, seeing what God sees in our body for today and guiding the body towards God’s vision for our future; and
  4. Mentorship, equipping and preparing our body to grow in Christlikeness, both individually and collectively.
Qualifications and Scriptural Foundations

At Living Hope we believe that the Bible is the supreme and final authority in our lives, and, therefore, we turn to the Bible as the basis for our Senior Pastor qualifications. Scripturally, we find the characteristics of a Godly leader to be: a man above reproach, devoted to his wife, able to manage his family well, a faithful steward, humble and not arrogant, gentle and not quick tempered, not a drunkard, peaceful and not violent, a man of financial integrity, hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright and full of integrity, holy, able to teach, spiritually mature, respectable, and an example to the body (1 Peter 5, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, Ephesians 5-6).

These passages serve as our primary guide as we seek God’s man for Living Hope.


We are looking for a Senior Pastor with demonstrated leadership ability. Specifically, there are five leadership characteristics that are of particular importance:

  1. Lead by example. We are seeking someone whose life and actions are an example of servant leadership for the body to follow. This necessitates being available and accessible to the body beyond Sunday mornings.
  2. Lead with conviction. Boldly and confidently speak the truth of God’s Word with grace, whether from the pulpit or in individual situations.
  3. Lead with compassion. Balance boldness and conviction with a heart of compassion for those who are lost, less spiritually mature, or are hurting.
  4. Mentor and equip. Enable, empower, and develop those around and under their authority for the work that lays before them.
  5. Leader of vision. Recognize where God is moving at and within Living Hope today and have a vision for where He may be leading Living Hope in the future. Inspire, motivate, and encourage the body towards God’s vision for Living Hope.

We are also looking for the demonstrated ability to inspire and challenge our body to grow in Christlikeness through preaching. The following characteristics are particularly important:

  1. Deliver messages that connect Biblical texts back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Exegete and exposit scripture with a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge.
  3. Draw applications from the Biblical texts and clearly apply them to our present time and situation.
  4. Deliver the message in a way that is relatable and understandable to those in attendance.
  5. Challenge the status quo if that is what the Biblical text calls for.

The Senior Pastor is responsible for leading Living Hope to function as a New Testament church. He will administer public services and perform other ministerial tasks as necessary. He will lead the congregation, organizations, and church staff; he will serve as advisory member of Ministry Teams or delegate a staff member to do so for the purpose of advising and resource.

The Senior Pastor of Living Hope is a leader of:


  • Proclaim the Gospel to believers and nonbelievers.
  • Administer or cause to be administered the ordinances of the church.
  • Lead Living Hope to engage in fellowship, worship, witness, education, and ministry.


  • Lead out in caring for and offering guidance to church members and equipping others to do the same.


  • Lead Living Hope and the staff in implementing Living Hope’s Vision.
  • Continue to work closely with our church plant, Living Hope Bryan, in matters of mutual interest and concern.


  • Supervise all paid ministerial staff including overseeing their development and ensuring they have the resources necessary to fulfill their duties.
  • Lead the Church Administrative Team (CAT) in providing planning, organization, direction, coordination, and leadership of the church.
  • Serve as the staff liaison to the Deacons and work with church officers and committees as they perform their assigned responsibilities.
  1. Education: Require a minimum of a Master of Divinity
  2. Experience:
    1. Require experience as a Lead/Senior Pastor or as an Associate Pastor with preaching experience.
    2. Require experience supervising ministerial and support staff.
    3. Candidate background should demonstrate experience in multiple aspects (preaching/teaching & pastoral/shepherding) of church leadership.
    4. Prefer more than 5 years experience.