March 1st Meeting

The PST met March 1. Don read from Acts 1:6-8 and reminded the team that we may not know when God will do everything, but we are to stay focused on him by being his witnesses and rely on his power. Then Don shared some prayer/thank you cards from our children. The team was very encouraged. Trouper prayed.

The team discussed the order and layout of the revised Church profile. Shawna suggested a new order and the team liked it. Bill suggested that we need a condensed version of the profile and job description to draw potential candidates to our application. Don agreed to work on that. Trouper and Katie will be working on the website to allow for proper internet reading.

After some discussion on a few preferences, the team approved the final job description. Trouper will send to the CAT for approval and to the Personnel ministry team to get a salary range.

Moses presented several job posting sites for the team’s consideration. The team agreed to use the SBC, BGCT, the SBTC, as well as all of the Southern Baptist seminaries, and a few non-SBC seminaries: Dallas Theological Seminary, Masters Seminary, Shepherds Seminary, and Trinity Seminary. In addition, the Gospel Coalition allows for free postings and we will use that site. Jon and Moses will handle posting to these sites.

Don presented a PST budget for consideration. After someĀ  adjustments, the team agreed with the proposal. We will send to CAT for approval.

The team discussed a possible timeline for the remaining phases of the search process and will continue to pray through it.

Bill closed us in prayer.