March 20th Meeting

The PST used 1 Samuel 16:1-13 as its devotional to set the tone for the meeting and help it as it tries to determine the next pastor for LHBC. The team made the following observations. God has predetermined the next pastor of LHBC. God looks at the heart of man, so we need to seek His will. We need to let those candidates go whom it is obvious God has not chosen for LHBC. We need to be prepared for resistance from Satan.

Bill opened us in prayer.

The PST has reviewed over 80 candidates’ resumes. There was much discussion on how we are reviewing them and determined a scoring system so we can evaluate them collectively. There was agreement on how we will do this. The PST discussed additional screening steps. Trouper developed an additional questionnaire to be used to send to certain candidates to help us discern how their qualities line up with our church’s needs. Trouper and Katie will further develop that form. The PST will review sermon tapes to further screen potential candidates. From that filtered list, the PST will conduct short telephone interviews to begin to discern candidates that we want to continue to pursue.

Moses will draft an email to communicate to those candidates that we will no longer pursue. Bill will draft an email cover for our questionnaire form. We will review these draftls next week.

There continues to be numerous candidates submitting application. The PST will continue to evaluate those using the agreed upon scoring system. Next week, we will be prepared to discuss those that we believe need to be interviewed.

Moses closed in prayer.