March 29th Meeting

As they prepared for the nights’ discussion, the PST reflected on Jesus’ last supper with his disciples from Luke 22. As Jesus was focused on the events that were to follow in the next 24 hours, He was thankful for God’s provision and this time He had to spend with His disciples. His disciples were focused on gossiping about who would betray Jesus and who was the greater. Jesus reminded them that He was serving them and to follow His example.

Trouper prayed.

The PST discussed some communication pieces drafted by Bill, Moses and Trouper for the team to use with the applicants. These pieces will be used to request further information or to let the candidate know that the PST has decided to no longer consider the candidate.

The PST heard from Bill and Moses regarding the differences in seminary degrees that need to be considered as we evaluate candidates. An MDiv is the true degree to prepare men for pastoral ministry. It requires several hours in Hebrew and Greek, as well as teaches pastoral care. In many cases, a pastoral internship is required for the degree.. Bill and Moses also spent some time leading a discussion regarding the rigors of different universities to obtain an MDiv.

The PST spent the rest of the meeting reviewing the consolidated results of each team member’s individual evaluations of the first 132 candidates. After much discussion the team decided to send some follow-up questions to 16 candidates, and to let the others know that they were no longer being considered for our pastor.

The team will spend the next week reviewing the newest applicants applying for the job, as well as listening to sermons of the 16 candidates who are being considered.

Shawna closed us in prayer.