February 1st Meeting

The PST focused on Psalm 90:12-17 as they begin their meeting asking the Lord’s favor as we strive to serve Him.

The PST planned for the February 5 prayer service. It was decided to sing, meditate on Scripture, and pray through 5 specific areas including:
Exalting the Lord
Unity for the PST and the church
Our interim pastor – George
Wisdom and discernment
Our future pastor.

Katie presented the Church profile she has begun drafting, asking for input in specific areas. She will publish the draft on our Google drive for the team to begin reviewing and offering input. The team also discussed having photos/videos as part of the church profile to help better portray our worship services and ministry activities.

Trouper presented his draft of the pastor’s job description for review. The PST agreed to take it home for review and input as well.

The PST planned to meet with George for the February 8 meeting, seeking his help with some of our church profile questions. We also want o hear his input on the strengths and weaknesses of the church and how it might impact our pastor search.

Jon closed us in prayer.