February 20th Meeting

Don opened with prayer. 
The PST met with the CAT to get clarification on LHBC’s relationship with LHBC-Bryan, and how that will impact the new pastor’s job responsibilities. After much discussion, these are the major points of emphasis with our new pastor:

  • Autonomous, distinct churches that come together to do ministry
  • Coordinate sermons: pastors agree on series topic and timing, meet weekly to discuss each passage as preached, have great flexibility to deviate when led by the Spirit with expectation of communication when that happens
  • Key part of the church relationship
  • Desire for an iron-sharpens-iron relationship
  • Passage content and exposition the same but application may differ
  • Outreach events to the community and mission trips done jointly, separation of which church leads depending on event/trip
  • Youth ministry and AWANA shared (workers and participation), held at LHCS

The PST also presented a draft of the job description to the CAT for comments, and will also distribute a draft of the church profile for the CAT to review. The CAT will respond by March 1 with their comments.

Don presented a potential timeline for the CAT to see the anticipated process and the amount of time the next steps may take. The CAT noted upcoming holidays that may impact the schedule as well as the need to visit candidates’ churches.

Eric Williams closed in prayer.