Our Round Table will be held on Saturday, February 17th from 4:30-6 pm.


The Pastor Search Team (PST) is ready to seek the church’s input regarding who we are looking for as our new pastor. As we seek the Lord in our search for a new pastor, we must first consider what His Word has to say. God has declared the qualities of an elder, and He has also stated some things we need to avoid in our search. This devotional will help us prepare as a church to recognize the person God will provide to be our next pastor. Please take time to consider these questions and plan to attend our Roundtable discussion where we can explore this topic together.

Overseer, Elder, (in our Baptist tradition, called “Pastor”) – a man charged with the duty of seeing that things to be done by others are done rightly, any curator, guardian, or superintendent

Scriptures: Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3: 1-7, 1 Peter 5: 1-3
Read the above scriptures with your family.

What are some qualities that are used to describe an elder/overseer (or “pastor”)?

Compare those words with some of the words that an elder/overseer (pastor) must not be.

As you consider the qualities of a pastor that God has prescribed, how would those qualities be useful for the future pastor of Living Hope?

Pray with your family for our church and for our future pastor. Here are some things to consider as you pray:
1. Pray for wisdom for the PST and for the church as we go through this process.
2. Pray for the Lord to continue to unify our church through this process.
3. Pray for the Lord to speak clearly to the one He has chosen to be our next pastor.
4. Pray for peace for our church and for our new pastor and his family as we all transition through this stage of our lives.
5. Pray that God will use this new phase of our church to grow His kingdom in a mighty way!


1. About Living Hope:
* Question 1: What is essential Living Hope?
* Question 2: What are some things about Living Hope that our new pastor really needs to know?

2. About the Future Pastor:
* Question 1: What character traits are key for the next pastor of LHBC?
* Question 2: How do you see these traits impacting LHBC as we go forward?